Screen Prinitng Promotional Clothing

more than 10 years of experience in high quality screen printing on textiles

Why screen printing?

Quality and graphic reproduction

The highest quality: perfect color matching, paint coating, sharp edges of artwork. Possibility to choose every color, based on the PANTONE ® color directory. Guarantee of perfect reproduction of original graphics, also in full color.

Graphic durability

Almost life-long durability of graphics made with screenprinting is a result of thermal processing at the right temperature and at the right time, as well as usage of high quality special plastizol paints.

Timely delivery

Fully automated printing process ensures high performance, while maintaining perfect quality and reproducibility of decorating on every piece of clothing at the same time. This allows to fulfill our Customers' orders in a very short time.

Safe products

When pritning on textiles we use plastisol paints from world leading manufacturers. Their paints meet all ecological and hygenic standards. They are eco-friendly, PVC free and free of heavy metals. Supported by appropriate certificates.

Special effects

The use of specialized paints and suitable additives, in combination with the appropriate machine park, allows us to offer printing with special effects, like: sugar, glitter, crystalline, puff, shimmer, glow in the dark, gel, HD printing.


Production capacity of about 500 units (T-shirts) makes screen printing a very attractive and cost effective solution, compared to other methods of garment marking and decoration.


Our production line consists of:

Electric double chamber drying tunnel for thermal printing - DEL series. It ensures durability and resistance of printing. Our prints do not break nor lose color during laundry.

Automatic PRISM II rotary printer. This 12 color, fully electric, printing machine is equipped with three IR drying stations. The maximum printable area is 45 × 60 cm.

about us

Since 2006 our company has provided printing and advertising services. After a few years, printing on clothes and textiles has become our core area of activity. We offer products from all of the world's recognized apparel manufacturers such as Gildan®, Fruit of the Loom®, Keya, Stedman®, JHK and more
We specialize in very difficult color separation printing (it is a full color print - also the effect of the photo) as well as in various kinds of special effects.
We employ printers with years of experience and the quality of the decor we offer gets the highest ratings from Clients and experts at the industry trade fairs.
We work with several reputable advertising agencies from all over Europe. Through them, we provide companies, corporations and institutions with promotional clothing for all uses.

Unfortunately, professional ethics and discretion do not allow us to publish work done for these Clients.

contact details

Firma Reklamowa Grzegorz Musial
VAT no. PL 677 164 35 03

  • +48 (0) 12 443 13 64
  • Kazimierza Wielkiego 58, Myslenice, POLAND

production capacity of t-shirts


possibility to print colors


cm maximum width of printing


years guarantee on printing